There is a chair in my backyard by the pool. This chair is the place that I go when I need to process, pray, and ponder life’s circumstances. Recently, while sitting in this chair, I had an in-depth conversation with God. The conversation consisted of my questioning and God’s gentle listening. “Lord, why do You allow suffering?” I asked. It took a few moments before a thought crossed my mind.

Perhaps, suffering exists to bring us to our knees, to draw us closer to Jesus.

I want to begin viewing suffering through this lens. When difficulties come, and they will, I want to cling to Jesus. I want to help you to do the same. Today, I am sharing a prayer for those in the midst of suffering.


I come before you today weary, worried, and lost. I come before you exhausted by circumstances outside of my control. I take comfort in knowing that You are Lord and that You are in control – even in the midst of life’s most difficult storms. Though suffering is hard, help me to see my situation with a refreshed perspective. Be my light in the darkness and my strength in times of sorrow. Hold me in the palm of your hand. You are a good father. Lord, thank you for your peace that surpasses understanding and your strength that is so much stronger than my struggle.


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