Hallelujah Here, Too: 3 Ways to Glorify God During Hardship

It is true, friend, that the world is full of suffering. I see it all around me. Stories of struggle are plastered all over the news, social media, and television. It sometimes feels as if the hard stuff is all that exists these days. But, in the hard, there is hope. His name is Jesus, and he has come to seek and to save the lost. He has come to restore what is broken. A relationship with Jesus does not eliminate the difficult situations in life, it gives us a reason to praise amid them. We can still sing hallelujahs, even in the darkest seasons.

This morning, I want to share three strategies that have helped me glorify God during past seasons of hardship. It is my prayer that these strategies would become habits for you and that these habits would soon deepen your relationship with the Lord.

Prepare your heart with worship.

In a season of hardship, it is often difficult to remain in a state of praise. I have found that keeping my eyes on Jesus is made easier when I turn on praise music and have a song for my heart to sing.

Pray consistently.

My friend, prayer is powerful. Communication with the Lord is vital for our spiritual health. Praying allows us to lay down our burdens. God is a good Father and a safe place to rest. You can trust Him in your time of need.

Preach to yourself.

Friend, when I say to preach to yourself, I mean to speak words of truth that come straight from God’s word over your heart and your mind. Speaking scripture over yourself is an excellent way to remember the things that the Lord has promised.

Sweet friend, I pray that today, in the midst of your hardship, you are aware of the immense love that the Lord has for you. I pray that you are able to cling to His truth in the darkness and that He would guide you to His light. You are loved, treasured, and held by the creator of all things. When you walk through the valley, he will give you a song to sing, a prayer to pray, and a word to preach over yourself.

Be blessed,


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  1. Prayer is a language I speak every day. I love this so comforting to know we can always call on our Lord through worship and prayer and just have a conversation with him. Thanks for sharing

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