Half the Battle: Healing your Hidden Hurts – A Book Review

“Sometimes it is in your place of greatest pain that you will hear the voice of God the loudest.”

Dr. Jon Chasteen

If you are in this world, it is likely that you will face a battle at one point or another in your life. Whether the battle is against an external force or it’s a battle within, it is important to be prepared. Thankfully, God’s word powerfully equips us for every circumstance.

In the book, “Half the Battle: Healing your Hidden Hurts,” Dr. Jon Chasteen takes his readers by the hand and guides us on a journey from hurt to healing through wise insight that is guaranteed to help us examine our hurts from a Biblical perspective.

This was one of the most practical yet profound books that I have read on the subject of pain. It gave me a fresh perspective, challenging me to reject bitterness and to cling to hope, just as Jesus did. If you are hurting today, I believe that Dr. Jon Chasteen’s “Half the Battle: Healing your Hidden Hurts” will help you to fix your gaze on Jesus and to hand your hurts over to Him.

“God can take whatever pain, whatever rejection, and whatever shame you carry and use it for His glory and for your good. You just have to stop carrying it, lay it at His feet, and let him build something beautiful out of it.”

Dr. Jon Chasteen

If you are interested in reading this book, you can find it here: https://gatewaypublishing.com/products/half-the-battle

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