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This post originally appeared on http://www.mistyphillip.com
This post originally appeared on http://www.mistyphillip.com

My Most Recent Posts

  • Hope for Hard Stuff: 3 Lessons from Loss
      A year ago yesterday, a man with a smile as bright as I have ever seen, the most contagious laugh, and the biggest heart, made his way into Heaven after fighting a brave, hard…
  • New Year, Same Hope: 3 Reasons to Trust the Character of Christ
    Last week, we rang in a brand new year. While many things have changed over the course of the last year, one thing remains the same – The Lord and His character. This year, my…
  • A Prayer for the 2020 Election
    We are amid a contentious election season. It is in these times that we, as believers, must draw strength from the Lord and His word. Today, as citizens of the United States of America cast…
  • Half the Battle: Healing your Hidden Hurts – A Book Review
    “Sometimes it is in your place of greatest pain that you will hear the voice of God the loudest.” Dr. Jon Chasteen If you are in this world, it is likely that you will face…
  • Overcoming Anxiety: 3 Scriptures You Need to Know
    For years, I struggled immensely with fear and anxiety. No matter how hard I tried, I could not shake it off. I would spend hours in anxiety driven panic mode. Maybe, this is where you…

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